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Overall strategy & interior design of non-schengen gates & commercial area’s

3D printed façade for Dutch EU presidency 2016

Flagship Store

Design, development and building of multifunctional building out of 3D Printed building products

3D printed tiny house & pocketpark

3D Print Terrazzo Floor

Unique floor design for Schiphol Airport together with ACTUAL


Design research for a new cooperative housing development 2.0

Research, building innovation-lab and exhibition space

The bridge’s a stage – interactive light installation

3D Printed Staircase


Unique 3D printed version of the iconic Chanel no. 5

Boarding Service

Design of boarding service desks at all Non-Schengen gates

Plant Lights

Outdoor light installation with energy from plants

Urban Objects

Streetlights & outdoor office & furniture design

Canal House Mini

Design and 3D print production with the 3D Hubs community in the USA

Usquert Kitchen

Design of style kitchen in creative farmhouse using 3D print technology


Your Personal Airport

Concept development for new A pier at Schiphol Airport

Strategy development for sustainable repurposing of industrial heritage area

Product design and prototyping of printable table ware from the waste material of the fries industries


Interactive game design that gives players a new perspective using new technology. 


Talent Tower

Transformation design and programming of former Shell Headquarters into learning campus with student hotel, clubs, event spaces and offices

Conquer Hembrug

Strategy game for 42 hectares of industrial heritage site

Branding Hembrug

Brand development & placemaking

Bubble Building

Temporary pavilion, made entirely of soap bubble

Mind Igloo

An instant building that breathes

Heart Of The Wierden

Urban design for 60 appartments as part of transformation of 80’s neighbourhood

Amsterdam Energy

Initiating and developing a sustainable cooperative energy company


Dutch Delegates Lounge

Design of a lounge in the UN headquarters in New York

80s Urban Transformation

Strategy development and supervision during implementation

Open Coop

Initiating and developing a cooperative multidiscipline work environment and organisation

Developing a XL 3D printer to research the effect of digital manufacturing on the building industry

Terrace Housing

Transformation of existing housing complex

Wish Pavilion

Temporary manifesto for freedom was built by all the balloons

Hyper Mud

Temporary pavilion combining old crafts with computer generated design and digital fabrication


Interior for four short stay apartments and a mini museum

Temporary public pavilion creating an endless forest in the middle of the city

Temporary pop-up bar made out of umbrella’s


Jewel design representing a democratic master plan for the moon

Bardot Proviant Klub

Temporary restaurant as part of exhibition

Sur Place

Indoor bicycle track and exhibition design to experience fixed gear culture


Temporary pop-up bathhouse made from airbeds


Interior design for daycare center

New Wonderland

Design of temporary mind twist café & eventspace

City Camp

Urban campsite, making use of the public domain and private gardens of the entire village

We Love The 80’S

Design study for transformation of single-family homes


Transformation of Europe’s largest shared housing project


Temporary pop-up summerhouse hotel

Amsterdam Pavilion

D.I.Y. perpetual vernissage pavilion for Amsterdam Biennial

Wedding Chapel

Temporary dome space crochet from 2km ventilation tubes

Club Dus

Pop-up club design and party


Amsterdam Mugs

Design of limited edition mugs for Iittala

Brick Facades

Design for 34 single-family homes

City Eyes

Temporary interventions at the border between public and private

Mug Dinner

Launch event and shop design of flagship store Iittala Amsterdam for the limited edition Amsterdam mugs



Urban transformation design of 80 dwellings in close collaboration with inhabitants


Urban design in close collaboration with inhabitants


Compact Living For Starters

Urban design & transformation process for 22 dwellings in close collaboration with inhabitants

Vip House

Design research developing new ways of customer driven ways of making architecture

Highschool Patio

Landscape design with folded steel pavilion


Family-Frienldy High Rise

Urban strategy for transformation of postwar high-rise blocks


Concept designs for self-builders

Outdoor Swimmingpool

Design proposal for transformation of public park


Southblock For The People

Urban design & transformation process of two post-war city blocks in close collaboration with inhabitants

Eat & Drink

Restaurant & event design

House Of Chalk

Temporary pavilion and interview house for kids

Pop-Up Coffee Bar

Temporary installation in public space


Temporary installation in public space

Early Works

Prora Cookies

Design and production of new souvenir for 2,3 km long resort from WWII


Interactive lounge space woven from 3 km inner bicycle tubes



Winner Japan Media Award

Project: 3RD
Organization: Japan Media Arts Festival

Nomination Index – Design To Improve Life – Award

Project: 3D Print Canal House
Organization: INDEX awards

Nomination Viva400 Inspiring Women Award

Project: 3D Print Canal House
Organization: Viva Magazine


Winner Best Idea Sea Global Sustainability Entrepreneurship Award

Project: 3D Print Canal House
Organization: Sustainability Entrepreneurship Award

Nomination Dutch Design Award

Project: 3D Print Canal House
Organization: Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

Nomination New Material Award

Project: 3D Print Canal House
Organization: New Institute & DOEN foundation

Nomination Emerging Architecture Practice Of The Year Award

Project: Oeuvre
Organization: Icon Magazine


Nomination Dutch Architectural Practice Of The Year Award

Project: Oeuvre
Organization: Architectenwerk

3Rd Prize International Bab Al Bahrain Open Ideas Competition

Project: Square 2.0
Organization: BAB


Winner Amsterdam Award For The Arts

Project: Oeuvre
Organization: The Amsterdam fund for the Arts

Nomination Mies Van Der Rohe Prize

Project: Bucky Bar
Organization: Mies van der Rohe Prize foundation

Winner Dutch Golden Architects Ball

Project: Bucky Bar
Organization: Royal Dutch Architects Foundation


Winner Fiction And Science Competition

Project: Worldmoon
Organization: NRC and TEDx

First Prize Temporary Pavilion Design For Venice Biennale Competition

Project: Table for all
Organization: Wonderland


Honorable Mention – Helsinki Vantaa (Finland)

Project: Koivikko
Organization: Europan


First Prize Rmno Idea Competition

Project: ‘Gekrulde ruimte’ describing the DUS method
Organization: RMNO (Dutch advisory council for research on spatial planning, nature and the environment) and the ministry of planning

Second Prize For An Icon For The Hague

Project: ‘De Haagse Horizon’
Organization: The Hague Municipality

Third Prize Competition Future Visions For Zoetermeer

Project: Suburbia tower
Organization: Housing corporation ‘De Goede Woning’ and the municipality of Zoetermeer


Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Schiphol Group
Kappelbrucke Foundation
State Real Estate Development (RVB)
Dutch Consulate USA
Municipality of Amsterdam
Partizan Publik
Rotterdam Foodfestival
Rezone Playful Interventions
The Student Hotel
Victor & Albert Museum
Rotterdam Festivals
Alliantie Housing Corporation
United Nations
Ymere Housing Corporation
Municipality of Almere
Cobra Museum
De Key Housing Corporation




DUS Architects: 3D Print Canal House

Et si vous imprimiez votre maison au lieu de la construire?


Print your next home

Shinsegae Style (KR)

Creative now

World Architecture (CN)

3D Printed Façade for the EU Building


Casa Claudia (BR)

Livres et soltas

TEC21 – Schweizerische Bauzeitung

Der Wetlauf um das gedruckte Haus

10 amazing things you probably didn’t know about Amsterdam

Architektura-Murator (PL)

Architektura i nowe technologie

Dutch firm DUS Architects 3-D prints a cabin using recyclable bioplastic

Book a stay in this 3D-printed tiny house

Piepklein huisje markeert ontwikkeling in 3D printtechniek

Cancel your airbnb and reserve this 3D-printed cabin instead

3D-printed micro cabin in Amsterdam welcomes anyone to spend the night

You can now stay in the cutest 3D-printed sustainable waterfront cabin

DUS Architects builds 3D-printed micro home in Amsterda

Minihaus aus dem Drucker

3D-geprint mini-buitenhuis voor compacte luxe

Dus Architects print minimalist Urban Cabin

DUS Architects Constructs 3D Printed “Urban Cabin” in Amsterdam

Urban Cabin/ Dus Architects

3D Façade entreegebouw EU-voorzitterschap

3D Facade


Technology Review (DE)

Bauen wie gedruckt

Grote 3D-prints voor gevel Europa gebouw

EU-ambtenaren vergaderen achter 3D-façade

Southeast Asia building

Dus Architects create 3D printed façade for EU building

Waar blijft het beloofde 3D-geprinte grachtenpand?

3D-printed Urban Cabin by DUS Architects

The Europe building – “The EU Presidency” | DUS architects

The Future Of The EU Is Being Decided Inside This 3-D Printed Building

A New Dutch EU Building Shows That Government Offices Don’t Have to Be Boring and Stuffy

DUS Architects 3D prints recyclable façade for temporary Europe Building

Građevina, znanost i dizajn – u službi općeg dobra

Dutch EU building features a facade combining tensile fabric and 3D-printed bioplastic

3-D printing: beyond the prototpe


Top 5 tech breakthroughs of the past 30 years

ELLEDecoration (UK)

Cultural hotspots Holland

S-Magazine (INT/US)

Boundary-pushing blueprints

How modern technology will rebuild ancient world

3D printing’s ‘incomprehensible’ beauty on display in Toronto

The architourist: the printed house, coming soon: Futurists see 3-D technology radically changing the way houses are built

Dutch architects show off 3D house-building prowess

The luxury 3D printed estate set to be made from sand, dust and gravel, news

Huis van de toekomst rolt uit 3D-printer

3D printing in architecture

L’impression 3 D gagne le chantier


Design on 3D printing demand: 3D printing could revolutionise homeware – but won’t replace traditional craft skills


3D printen in het groot

Vogue (NL)

The sky is the limit: 3 starchitects

Construction of the world’s first 3D printed house underway in Amsterdam

How to solve the world housing crisis

Een grachtenpand gebouwd van geprinte dropslierten

Holendrzy: Polacy powinni się z nami integrować

How to print a house

3D Printing on

Untitled (Interview with DUS architects)

Printing 3D houses in the Netherlands’

The 3D Printing revolution

Untitled (Interview with DUS architects)

‘How 3D Printing Could Transform Building Design’

Diese Häuser sind eine industrielle Revolution

Talo tulostamalla – 3D-printtaus mullistaa tuotantoa

Architect: Israelis could print their own dream homes

The first 3D printed house is coming, and the construction industry will never be the same

The 3D printed HOUSE: Technology is being used to construct an entire building – including the furniture – in Amsterdam

Work begins on the world’s first 3D-printed house’

3D Print Canal House

Focus Archi (NE)

Een huis uit de printer

Las impresoras ya hacen casas

Times of India (IN)

3D Printer to help build house in Amsterdam

World’s first 3D printed house under construction in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal House Built with 3D Printer’

‘Giant Printer Starts Spitting out a House’

Huffington Post (CA)

Amsterdam 3D-printed house points to a whole new of making stuff

Het Parool (NL)

Er rol niet zomaar een huis uit de 3D Printer

How Dutch team is 3D-printing a full-sized house’

3D-printer print Amsterdams grachtenpand

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (DE)

‘Das Haus aus dem Drucker’

Der Standard(AT)

Das erste Wohnhaus aus dem Drucker

Just press print

Courrier Japon magazine (JP)


Hans Vermeulen: DUS Architects Amsterdam

Grachtenpand uit de printer


Op de Rem

Incredible 3D-printing technology

World Food Festival van start in Rotterdam

Profile: DUS Architects

‘The world’s first 3D-printed house’

Print een grachtenpand: DUS Architecten’

The race to build the first 3D-printed building’

Asahi Shimbun (JP)


Financieel Dagblad (NL)

Ambitieus Dutch design reiken verder dan plaats in museum

KamerMaker spuugt grachtenpandje uit

Holland Herald (NL)

Design: print finish

L’architettura e l’Olanda. Intervista con i Dus Architects


The Wall Street Journal (US)

The Week in Ideas

Beste in zijn vak: Hedwig Heinsman

Hot air balloons find new life as temporary art space ‘Mind Igloo’

The bubble building by DUS Architects

The Bubble Building: the pop-up that goes ‘POP!’


Kunstuur: 19 februari


The Bucky Bar by DUS Architecten and Studio for Unsollicitated Architecture



Philips Trend Event

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Philips HQ – Amsterdam (NL)

Japan Netherlands Architecture Cultural Association Event

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: University of Tokyo – Tokyo (JP)

Future Flux Festival

Speaker: Martine de Wit
Location: Onderzeebootloods – Rotterdam (NL)

Building Holland

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: RAI Amsterdam
– Amsterdam (NL)

Immobilien-Dialog Köln

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Kranhaus 1 – Cologne (DE)


ING Real Estate Conference

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: ArtCube – Gent (BE)

IDTechEx Show

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center – California (USA)


Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord – Duisburg (DE)

Empack Stockholm

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Kistamässan Exhibition and Events Centre – Kista (SE)

Annual Henkel Stakeholders meeting

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Amstel Hotel – Amsterdam (NL)

Sweco Position Summit

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Koepelkerk, Renaissance Hotel – Amsterdam (NL)

VNL Annual Conference

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Hangar 32 – Schiphol-Oost (NL)

Saint-Gobain suppliers summit

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Van Nellefabriek – Rotterdam (NL)

Palace Ruin: Valhalla’s of iron, plastic and glass

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Palace Ruin – Amsterdam (NL)


Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Amsterdam (NL)


Shifting Perspectives 2015

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Vertigo Plaza, TU/e-Campus – Eindhoven (NL)

UBS Global Real Estate Conference

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: UBS Offices – London (UK)

OnderhoudNL symposium

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Jaarbeurs – Utrecht (NL)

Swiss Innovation Week

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Basel (SI)

Dag van de Ruimtelijke Kwaliteit

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: De Kanselarij – Leeuwarden (NL)

Australia & New Zealand Student Architecture Congress 2013

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: University of Newcastle – Newcastle (AU)

3D Printing Now & Tomorrow

Speaker: ?
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger – Amsterdam (NL)

Afera annual Conference 2015

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Intercontinental Marseille Hotel Dieu – Marseille (FR)

Bits & Bricks: Building Projects Innovators Lab

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: M51 Cafeteria – Munich (DE)

Architects Day Finland – Arkkitehtipäivät

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Jyväskylä (FI)

Zweites Cradle to Cradle Forum

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Schloss Solitude – Stuttgart (DE)

Maker Conference

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Technopolis – Mechelen (BE)


Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Alte Kongresshalle – Munich (DE)

2015 Global Real Estate CEO/CFO Conference

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: UBS Offices – London (GB)

3D-printing: innovation och business

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Virtual Development Laboratory Chalmers – Gothenburg (SE)


Bouwplatform Vlaanderen

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Antwerpen (BE)

Bouwkunde Bedrijvendagen 2014

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Vertigo Plaza, TU/e-Campus – Eindhoven (NL)

NL Wordt Anders

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Den Haag (NL)

Light & Design Nordic Summit

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Stockholm (SE)


Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Tel Aviv (IL)

Carleton’s Architecture Forum Lecture Series

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: National Art Gallery – Ottawa (CA)

Dutch Design San Francisco

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen & Hedwig Heinsman
Location: San Francisco Campus – San Francisco (US)

Seeing Orange: Dutch Design at the CCA

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: California Collega of the Arts – San Francisco (US)

What Design Can Do 2013

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam (NL)

HDB Singapore

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Singapore (IN)

ENGAGEMENT! Kunst en idealisme: zegen of vloek

Speaker: Martine de Wit
Location: AVK | St. Joost – Breda (NL)

Product Innovation Congress

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Maritim Hotel – Berlin (DE)

Product Innovation Congress 2014

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Maritim Hotel – Berlin (DE)

Maker Fair

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Rome (IT)


Silencio Talks: Architecture Whispers #6

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Club Silencio – Paris (FR)

3D Print Canal House & Fabcafe

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen & Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Shibaura House – Tokyo (JP)

Capita Selecta Series: Sustainist (Re)Design

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Academie van Bouwkunst – Amsterdam (NL)

3M FutureLAB

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: SCE – Munich (DE)

42nd Chubu Industrial Management Study Mission

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Open Coop – Amsterdam (NL)

DOTS: design your own reality

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Vodafone A’dam HQ – Amsterdam (NL)

Work of DUS

Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Bureau Europa – Maastricht (NL)

Stadgesprek: De Noorder Grachtengordel; Het 3D-print Grachtenpand

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger – Amsterdam (NL)

3D Printing Architecture

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Ryerson Department of Architectural Science – Toronto (CA)

Rotterdam Talkshow: Geen woorden maar daden #1

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger – Amsterdam (NL)


Speaker: Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Architectuurcentrum – Haarlem (NL)

BNA Architectendag: De nieuwe architect

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger – Amsterdam (NL)


Mental Monumentsn and Bubbles

Speaker: Martine de Wit
Location: TU – Eindhoven (NL)

Still City Tokyo

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen & Hedwig Heinsman
Location: Tokyo City University – Tokyo (JP)

Unbox Conference 2012 New Delhi

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen & Hedwig Heinsman
Location: British Council – New Delhi (IN)

Stad en Architectuur 12/13 lecture series

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: STUK – Leuven (BE)

Design Matters #3: Open Design

Speaker: Martine de Wit
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger – Amsterdam (NL)

Housing the Social: A Symposium

Speaker: Hans Vermeulen
Location: Felix Meritis – Amsterdam (NL)



Small Homes, Grand Living
An homage to the iconic innovation within modest living areas
ISBN: 978-3899556988


Navigating the new retail landscape

A guide for business Leaders
Alan Treadgold, Jonathan Reynolds
ISBN: 978-0198745754

Smart buildings

Advanced materials and nanontechnology to improve energy-effiency and environmental performance
Marco Casini
ISBN: 978-0081009727

3D-Druck, additive Fertigung und rapid Manufacturing

Reitlicher Rahmen und unternehmerische Herausforderung
Andreas Leupold, Silke Glossner
ISBN: 783-800651498


Een stedelijke raad
Virginie Mamadouh, Anne van Wageningen (ed.)
ISBN: 978-9462981744

The future of the professions

How technology will transform the work of human experts
Richard Susskind, Daniel Susskind
ISBN: 978-0198713395


Atlas of European architecture

Markus Sebastian Braun, Chris van Uffelen (ed.)
ISBN: 978-3037681923

111 plekken in Amsterdam die je gezien moet hebben

Bas van Lier
ISBN: 978-9068686777

3D printing with biomaterials

Towards a sustainable and circular economy
Ad van Wijk, Iris van Wijk
ISBN: 978-1-614994855

Innovations in transportable healthcare architecture

Stephen Verderber
ISBN: 978-1138847194

An introduction to 3D printing

Victoria Zukas, Jonas A. Zukas
ISBN: 978-1622878963

The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings

Marc Kushner
ISBN: 978-1476784922


Liefde in de stad

Een boek over kunst, liefde, de stad en haar bewoners
Anneloes van Gaalen (ed.)
ISBN: 978-9080925922

Looks good feels good is good

How social design changes our world
Anne van der Zwaag, (ed.)
ISBN: 978-9462260696

A revolution of the making

Guy Rundle
ISBN: 978-1922213303


The future of architecture

Herman Hertzberger, e.a.
ISBN: 978-9462080829


Innvovators of Dutch architecture
Indira van ‘t Kooster
ISBN: 978-9078088806

Amsterdam Places

Interiors, buildings and Cities
Jurjen Zeinstra (ed.)
ISBN: 978-9076863672

Think Dutch

Conceptual architecture and design in the Netherlands
David Keuning, Jeroen Junte
ISBN: 978-9491727245


Alter Architectures Manifesto

Thierry Paquot, Yvette Masson Zanussi, Marco Stathopoulos
ISBN: 978-2884742641

The popup generation

Design between dimensions
Lidewij Edelkoort
ISBN: 978-9063692827

Future Practice

Conversations from the Edge of Architecture
Rory Hyde
ISBN: 978-0415533546


Eat out!

Restaurant design and food experiences
Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann. Shonquis Moreno, e.a., ed.
ISBN: 978-3899552546


Fear & space

The view of young designers in the Netherlands
Mark Pimlott (ed.)
ISBN: 905-6624229



3D. Printing the world

Espacio Fundación Telefónica – Madrid (ES)


Cuypershuis – Roermond (NL)

Rijk aan Ontwerpkracht

Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam – Amsterdam (NL)


Abitare Minimo

Villa Alba – Gardone Riviera (IT)

Circular Building & Circular Living

The Building Centre – London (GB)

3D Print: NOW!

Cube design museum – Kerkrade (NL)

Innovation Expo: Sustainable Urban Delta

Overhoeks – Amsterdam (NL)

Urban Innovation

Technisches Museum Wien – Wenen (AT)

Impression 3D: l’usine du futur

Le lieu du Design – Paris (FR)


Domestic Affairs Shenzhen

Former Dacheng Flour Factory – Shenzhen (CX)

Designers, Makers, Users: 3D Printing the Future

Museum of Design – Atlanta (US)

Hit the Future: Metropolitan Desgn.

Alte Kongreshalle – Munich (DE)

Hands Off: New Dutch Design at the Confluence of Technology & Craft

Museum of Craft and Design – San Francisco (US)


Design Exchange – Toronto (CA)

Hands off Dutch Design

Design & Craft Museum – San Francisco (USA)


COMING SOON: Real Imaginary Futures

Bureau Europa – Maastricht (NL)

3D Tora

Onassis Cultural Center – Athens (GR)

New Material Award 2014

Het nieuwe Instituut – Rotterdam (NL)

Atelier Rijksbouwmeester: Ruimte voor ontwerp sinds 1806

Ministerie van BZK – Den Haag (NL)

Design in Public Space: Get to work Folk!

Zamek Cieszyn – Cieszyn – (PL)


World Food Festival

Museum Park – Rotterdam (NL)

Rezone Festival

Den Bosch (NL)

Radical Locality

Bureau Europa – Maastricht (NL)


Ma Cantine en Ville

Paris (FA)

Triggering Reality

Prato (IT)