DUS was founded in 2004 by its three partners, architects Hans Vermeulen, Martine de Wit and Hedwig Heinsman, out of the desire to re-connect architecture with the public. The experienced office worked on large-scale projects such as the re-design of 70.000 m2 piers and gates at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, large urban strategies, architecture, and retail projects. It received international acclaim for its innovative designs such as the Worlds’ largest interactive light design for the KapellBrücke in Luzern, a temporary building for the Dutch EU presidency, a unique 3D printed bottle for Chanel, and as initiators of the 3D Print Canal House, an internationally acclaimed design-and-build research project into new global housing solutions and market explorations. DUS has won several awards, including the prestigious Amsterdam Awards for the Arts 2011 (‘Amsterdamprijs voor de Kunst’) and SEA Global sustainability Award 2014, next to Barack Obama.

In its drive to democratize the act of making architecture, DUS founded Aectual, the design-to-build platform that enables people to create custom 3D printed interior and architectural products out of recycled waste materials in a fully circular loop.

At this moment, the team of DUS is fully committed to making Aectual the global go-to platform for on-demand circular design, and remains available for special studio projects that help push this technology further.

Enquiries: info@houseofdus.com / info@aectual.com

Hans Vermeulen

Co founder

Hedwig Heinsman

Co founder

Martine de Wit

Co founder