3d printed chanel no. 5

3D Printed Chanel No. 5

By re-introducing old crafts with new technologies we enable brands to create & produce customizable products for their customers.

For the 5-year jubilee number of L’Officiel NL, DUS was invited by Chanel to do a retake on their famous no. 5 bottle. The design is inspired by the shape of the Place du Vendome, and comes with an in-house developed customize tool that allow each buyer to personalize and order their unique printed Chanel bottle. Your favorite scent, your unique bottle! The bottle was showcased in the special L’Officiel edition 2011 and matching exhibition.

Project List

Product: unique 3D printed version of the iconic Chanel no. 5.
Client: Chanel, L’Officiel
Start project: 2014