bucky bar

Bucky Bar

There’s always a need for places for people to gather. We merge the online and offline public domain, combining the virtual with real buildings. 

The Bucky Bar is made from the most common and yet most unusual of building materials: umbrellas. The title refers to the great American inventor, Buckminster Fuller, who demonstrated how minimal energy geodesic domes could open a way to a more environmentally sustainable future. Could an umbrella dome lead the way to a more socially sustainable future? The Bucky Bar is a full-scale model of such a future. It shows the power of space for spontaneous gathering, for improvised shelters to host conversations, debates, games or even parties.The Bucky Bar was shortlisted for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award.

Project List

Program: Unsollicited Pop-up Bar

Client: Nai, SUA (Studio for Unsolicited Architecture)
Location: Rotterdam
Year: 2008
Building material: Umbrella’s, lamppost
Contractor: DUS

DJ: Chrille Brun