europe building

Europe Building

With our pioneering XL 3D print technology we are creating sustainable, on demand and made-to-measure buildings.

For the EU presidency of the Netherlands we developed a façade design using large-scale 3D printed elements. The mobile building is made especially for the 6-month event, where all European politicians and top ministers gather. The design takes inspiration from the historical sailing ships that used to be built in the historical Marine terrain location, creating playful alcoves that house benches that create intimate social spaces for the delegates and the public.

The EU-blue colored 3D-printed benches are made with a bio-plastic and have a concrete finish. The printed elements are designed in a way they can be easily removed, shredded and reprinted after the presidency is over.

It is the first time in the world that these kinds of XXL 3D prints are shown in the public domain.

Project List

Program: 300m2 facade design for mobile event conference space

Client: Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs
Location: Amsterdam, Marine Terrain
Year: 2015
3D printing: Aectual & DUS
Contractor: Neptunus
Assembly of 3D prints: Heijmans
Engineering: Tentech
Light: Philips
Print material: Henkel & Aectual
Photography: Ossip van Duivenbode