hembrug sustainable innovation

Hembrug Sustainable Innovation

DUS works on sustainable innovations within large scale renovation & revitalisation projects. With help of new technologies we design new life cycles for buildings and neighborhoods.

At Hembrug, a 42 hectare industrial landscape and former war and munition terrain is home to over a 100 industrial monuments. With help of provocative design solutions for several monuments and their surroundings, we shaped and stirred the development process of the future of the terrain. We connected each design to teams of renowned entrepreneurs with knowledge on food, energy, transport and work, and to local communities. As such, each design became start of a ‘monument transition project’ connected to a solid business case, and catalyst to the development process. 

Project list

Program: Strategy development for sustainable repurposing of industrial heritage (125 buildings / 100,000 m2 / 42 ha)
Client: National real estate development agency (RVOB), municipality of Zaandstad and province of North Holland
Location: Zaandam
Start project: 2012
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