xl 3d printer

XL 3D Printer

We look beyond traditional construction tools and develop new tools to communicate directly with our customers. By digitizing the way we build we can offer customizable architecture & design to communities and clients around the globe.

We have two in-house developed XL 3D printers that can print massive products up to 1,6 x 1,6 x 4,5 meters in one go. Digital fabrication opens the door to sustainable mass customized production for the building industry. Projects like the Europe building (2015) and the Urban Cabin (2016) are produced with our own XL 3D printers.

Through our digital tools we create new possibilities for our clients. Together with a growing number of partners, we are creating novel building products with designs and materials that improve building processes and evoke the senses.

The materials we use are bio-based or recycled. Printed products can be shredded after use and put back into the printer. In this way digital fabrication accelerates a circular economy. With our material partners we are constantly updating our materials, currently we are testing with printable wood materials and different combinations of materials to create beautiful and smart designs.

Project List

Initiator: DUS , 3D Print Canal House Foundation, Actual
Program: XL 3D Printer
Location: Amsterdam
Start project: 2013
Contributors: Ultimaker, Henkel, Fiction Factory, Protospace, Xtrution, Emerson, Igus