karel appel house

Karel Appel House

We see architecture as an open source; a gift in which others are challenged to participate.

DUS was invited by Housing corporation de Key, the CoBra Museum and the Royal Dutch RijksAkademie to create an interior with a complex brief: short stay artist residences that can double up as gallery spaces and mini museum, and commemorate the late renowned artist Karel Appel. This was solved in a bold design that is both humble and daring. It creates open plan apartments with 2 mm thin steel wall dividers, which create areas that can be used in many ways, without diminishing the open feel of the space.

Industrial magnets can be applied flexible to the steel walls and can carry anything, from heavy weight art to entire closet interiors.

Project List

Program: Four short stay apartments / part time museum 300 m2
Clients: CoBra Museum, Royal Dutch RijksAkademie and De Key
Location: Amsterdam
Year: 2010
Contractor: BK Bouw / Fiction Factory
Photography: Hermanna Prinsen / Theo Krijgsman