potato tableware

Potato Tableware

DUS experiments together with several innovation partners to make a new, 3D-printable ‘porcelain’ made from potato starch. The edible leftovers of the potato that for instance remain after the production of fries, can now be used fort he 3D printing industries. With this material, DUS designed a set of tableware pieces, of which each item is unique. In the future, not only your food, but also your tableware is made after your personal flavour.

The design is based on the shape of the potato. The design is scripted and consists of 5 different nodes with a fixed relation to each other, in between which several variables can be inserted. This way, an endless growing family of different shapes occurs, that all appear in tune with each other.

Project List

Program: Upcycle design for Middendijk Farm
Client: Initiated by DUS with Stichting aan de Middendijk
Partners: Concept and design by DUS in collaboration with Stichting aan de Middendijk
Contributors: Ruud Rouleaux, ColorFabb Rodenburg Biopolymers B.V., Charlotte Jansen FabLab Breda, Avans Hogeschool Breda, Joris van Tubergen, Atelier aan de Middendijk, Erik Boerma, Future Food House